Birthday parties

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We now have two air trampolines & a foam pit to add to the fun!!

Option #1:

1 hour in studio party (1/2 hr. parachute, hula hoop & dance instruction, 1/2 hr. foam pit & air trampoline).  $75.00  (10 children)

Option #2:

1.5 hour in studio party (1/4 hr. parachute & hula hoop warmup, 1/4  hr. dance instruction, 1/2 hr. foam pit & air trampoline, 1/2 hr. cake & presents).  $100.00 (10 children)

15 min. before and after your booking time is allotted for setup/decorating and cleanup.

Contact ASD Director Monica Lyon to book your party.

We will need the following information when booking your party;

  1.  Age of the party girl or boy, age range of the party guests, will there be both boys and girls at the party & how many guests do you expect.
  2. Which option do you prefer, is there a theme to your party, what style of dance would like taught (Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop etc.)
  3. Will there be any guests attending that have any physical, emotional or  special needs.

Additional cost of $10.00 per party guest if you invite more than 10 guests.

We can add gymnastics equipment to create an obstacle course for an additional $25.00

Suggest to your party guests that they attend wearing active wear so they can enjoy the foam pit & air trampoline.  Socks may be worn if they have grips on the bottom or bare feet.

We have two large tables for you to have your cake and snacks.  You will also want to bring plenty of water or juice for your guests.

No outside footwear is worn beyond the front of the waiting room.

Contact Monica to receive your guest wavier and remind all guests that parking for the dance school is behind the building.